From BetterPT to BetterHealthcare

When we started in 2017 it was with the conviction that modern, thoughtful, and interoperable solutions will make physical therapy easier and more accessible for everyone. Since then, our mission has expanded to deliver technology that increases patient access and reduces friction around healthcare services while improving communication between all stakeholders including patients, providers, and payors.


The Digital Epicenter for Physical Therapy Patients and Providers

We are expanding access to physical therapy by providing patients and providers with digital touchpoints to set up appointments when, where, and how people need them.

Appointment Requests Made Easy

Use our technology to create appointments and accept both in-person and telehealth appointment requests at any time of the day.

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Streamlined Patient Management

Patient onboarding and centralized profile management save time and money at reception everyone involved.

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Data Driven Solutions

Understand your patients and your team so as to optimize touchpoints and uncover opportunities for exponential growth.

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Our new and improved BetterAccess platform is a best-in-class HIPAA compliant solution that delivers critical digital touchpoints to enable patients' first step to access and engagement with healthcare as a whole.


From BetterPT to BetterHealthcare

BetterPT started out in 2017 with the simple mission of democratizing access to physical therapy. Our bleeding edge technology has since come to be used in other healthcare industries, leading to the formation of our parent company, BetterHealthcare. As we grow, we can't wait for the PT industry to grow with us.


Redefining the First Mile of the Patient Experience

One Click On Demand Access

Our BetterAccess platform has been built knowing that mobile-centric, eCommerce culture drives consumer behavior in our digital landscape.

Power of Choice

Meet patients when, where, and how they want to access services, delivering the critical digital touchpoints that enable the first step towards engagement with the entire healthcare system,

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“We are doing great with BetterPT! We see an increase in patients coming from our website and our networks as it makes it easier for patients to find and schedule with our clinic. We love the platform, and the team! "

Michele A. Kehrer, PT, DPT, Founder & CEO of Balance Chicago


Press Releases

BetterPT Announces Partnership with APTA to Increase Patient Access

BetterPT, a technology company committed to facilitating and improving patient access and experience with healthcare services, has partnered with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) to connect physical therapists...

Oct. 13, 2020

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BetterPT Partners with Clinicient to Enhance Patient Access to Physical Therapy

BetterPT, an integrated digital healthcare company, today announced it has partnered with  Clinicient, Inc., a leading provider of clinical, business, and patient engagement solutions for outpatient rehabilitation, to provide enhanced…

Sept. 22, 2020

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CareDash and BetterPT Team Up to Make It Easy for Patients

CareDash and BetterPT have teamed up to make it easy for patients in need of physical therapy to find an online provider without leaving home. BetterPT online physical therapy providers are now featured on CareDash, the fastest...

Jun. 23, 2020

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Hey there! 👋 We just released BetterAccess, our new and improved platform for healthcare providers. Check it out!
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